Founded by Dr. Musa in 2008, our team has worked with over 20,000 applicants to perfect their Personal Statements. Read our Member Testimonials, and join thousands of satisfied clients today. Complete your Questionnaire and stand-by as a professional Writer crafts a unique, top-quality Personal Statement from scratch based on your responses. No templates are used, and you will communicate directly with your Writer throughout the process. You can communicate with your writer directly during the process of creating your document. LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION. A good reference can go a long way to helping the applicant win a place.

Our specialists focus on eliminating all errors, weaknesses, and possible inconsistencies, preserving your unique voice at the same time. Even if you choose the quick turnaround option , you can be sure that our editors will do their best in the shortest possible time. Our task is to make your essay the best version of itself, not edit the document just for the sake of it. Sometimes, students rely on the suggestions of their friends and relatives. Some applicants consider various factors to make a final decision. These criteria may include the educational institution’s reputation, the living costs and tuition, the return on investment factor, and so on.

Tracy has been active with the Law School Admission Council on a variety of committees. She is currently the Chair for the Annual Meeting of Law School EssayBrother’s personal statement editing service Professionals. Jonathan Gharraie holds degrees in English Literature from the University of Leeds and St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford.

Her writing has appeared inColumbia Journal,River Teeth,Brown Alumni Magazine, and elsewhere. She is currently writing a book about growing up on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Tracy Simmons is the Assistant Dean, Admissions, Diversity Initiatives and Financial Aid at University of San Diego School of Law. She received her JD from Golden Gate University School of Law and her MA in Education with an emphasis in Multi-Cultural Counseling from San Diego State University.

With their help, you can feel the difference and see that expert checking does matter for the quality of the admission document. If you want to give current article to your teenage child you might be right. Personal statement is a piece of individual writing a person usually encloses to his or her university application. It’s never too late to study, universities accept not only young and enthusiastic people but representatives of all ages. Anyway, we think it’s vital to know how to write a personal statement. Who knows maybe next year you’ll express desire to go back to school!

Also, you need to highlight skills, experiences, and qualities, showing that you are a perfect candidate for a specific law school. And our expert editing and proofreading help with law school personal statement will be perfect for improving the quality of the paper. This service is great for polishing your pre-written draft of a personal statement.

You can always tell your expert what they should pay extra attention to. For example, you can say, “I don’t need you to change the paragraph structure, edit anything but this element! ” The specialist working on your order will try their hardest to follow such requirements to the letter. Some law schools accept additional admission essays, focusing on your personality or the diversity that you will bring to the school. The application process is tough, especially when you apply to a law school, so let your personal statement argue your case.


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