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Joseph always stood by his mother’s side to make sure she was as comfortable as possible. He did everything that he thought and believed would be enough to support her, but in his head, he always wondered if he had done enough. Did she get what she was entitled to; did she leave anything out when caring for her?

I was astonished initially, but he was a resourceful person and found me out easily. He offered me a very lucrative deal, ludicrous at the same time too! He offered me a huge amount of money and wanted me to be his travel companion on his trip to Las Vegas.

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I took the advice, but I questioned her morals after this conversation. I doubted her integrity and the face she had been wearing in front of us. This was quite the opposite of what she had always been preaching.

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These questions were always swarming around his head, and he wondered if they were true. A direct result of this wondering was that she now always lived in his head, not like some sort of disease, but as a part of who he was. It is for this reason that he always felt as if she was right there with him, even if it was just in spirit. Audio Book We have an in-house team of native narrators whose voice is captivating and in line with what the target audience would want to hear. Let us bring the world in your imagination to reality via our custom illustration services.

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